Magical mysteries with a dash of murder.

Magical mysteries with a dash of murder.


Two unlikely crime-solving partners bringing love and harmony to Haven’s End, one murder at a time.

When a dead man shows up in a high school bathroom, accidental polygamist arsonist Temperance and love god Simon must navigate a maze of gossip, perfume potions, and blackmail to unmask a killer. Join the Swift & Savage duo in SOME DELUSIONS MAY APPLY!

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Amber Fisher writes mysteries about psychics, ghosts, fantastic beasts, and things that go bump in the night.

Amber Fisher is a writer living in Austin, Texas. Her novels feature magic, the paranormal, treachery, and murder. You can find an array of goodies from lighthearted and fun (check out Sinful House!) to dark and twisty (Rest in Power Necromancy will get your blood going!)