Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Lights, Camera, Mystery! (aka Sinful House)

Welcome to Sinful House, where the stakes are supernatural and every challenge is a brush with the beyond. In the sun-soaked town of Odyssey, California, seven psychics living as the 7 Deadly Sins vie to become America’s Favorite Sin on a new reality TV show. With their extraordinary gifts, they solve paranormal mysteries to win the loveโ€”and votesโ€”of a captivated audience. But as they inch closer to winning their heart’s true desire, their quests are thwarted by a series of unexpected murders. In Odyssey, mounting secrets lurk beneath the surface and far-sweeping danger is part of the local charm. As the mysteries deepen and the body count rises, it’s clear: lifeโ€™s no beach in Odyssey, and nothing is as it seems. Tune in for twists, turns, and truths unearthed in this gripping 9-book series for fans of Veronica Mars, Big Brother, Supernatural, and the X-Files.