Amber Fisher writes paranormal mysteries.

Originally from Los Angeles, Amber lives in Austin, Texas, her home of the past 20+ years. She's the creator of the Rest in Power Necromancy trilogy, a mystery series exploring ancestral magic and our collective need to heal from the past. She's also the weirdo behind the Sinful House mystery series featuring the Seven Deadly Sins in a reality show competition to become America's Favorite Sin.

When not writing, Amber enjoys putzing around in Photoshop, hiking, yoga, home improvement, crafting, and binge-watching Battlestar Galactica, The Expanse, and/or The Last Kingdom.

Amber has written for Houghton Mifflin as the lead web writer on the Amanda Project, an interactive, multi-platform YA adventure. She is also the author of a metaphysical non-fiction book published by ECW Press.

For media, events, and rights inquiries, please contact my literary agent Jennie Goloboy at the Donald Maass Literary Agency.