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SIN & BEAR IT is coming to YouTube!

The first book of the Sinful House series is coming to audiobook. I’ll be posting to YouTube, which means you get to listen FOR FREE! Subscribe to my channel now so you never miss a free audiobook! 

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New Release

NO SIN, NO FEE out now!

In this episode of Sinful House, Gluttony, Sloth, and I need to stop a sightseeing statue from inexplicably traveling around town. But when a woman turns up dead and the statue proclaims the arrested man’s innocence, capturing a wandering sculpture plays second fiddle to catching a killer before the wrong man goes to prison.

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Temple of the Inner Flame is now an audiobook!

In this urban fantasy trilogy, necromancer Kezia Bernard investigates a haunting at a sacred temple, unlocks the secret to Atlanta’s magical dry spell, and saves a town from a series of child deaths, all while hunting for her ancestors on the other side. Listen to the first book in the series now.

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Amber Fisher writes mysteries about psychics, ghosts, fantastic beasts, and things that go bump in the night.

Amber Fisher is a writer living in Austin, Texas. Her novels feature magic, the paranormal, treachery, and murder. You can find an array of goodies from lighthearted and fun (check out Sinful House!) to dark and twisty (Rest in Power Necromancy will get your blood going!)