Dreaming Down the Bones


Why is there only one necromancer in a city that should have hundreds?

After freeing a cult from the evil that tormented its members, necromancer Kezia Bernard is thrilled to receive an offer to study under world-famous Evangeline Morris. Not only is Evangeline the last necromancer in Atlanta, she also has what Kezia wants most: a cure for the affliction that can kill those who remain too long in a necromancer’s presence.

Or so Kezia thought.

A mysterious scourge has revived Evangeline’s affliction, killing a member of her household and putting the rest in imminent danger. Fearing the darkness that robbed the city of its necromancers is closing in on its final victim, Kezia must act fast to save her mentor from an unthinkable fate. Little does she know the spider that holds Atlanta in its web is far more insidious than she could imagine.

Can Kezia root out the blight before it destroys her mentor? Or will she discover nothing can stop the necromancer’s curse–not even her?

Book 2 in the Rest in Power Necromancy trilogy.

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