No Sin Situation


They say the perfect person is hard to find. Especially when she’s not missing.

If you ask me, things at Sinful House have taken a turn for the worse.

Thanks to our show’s enormous popularity, other shows are trying to ride our coattails. So this week, we’re filming a crossover episode with the reality show For Love Or Money…a cockamamie dating show. And the person I’m supposed to date is a bounty hunter whose solution to every problem seems to be to stab it or shoot it. I’m 10,000 leagues out of my depth here.

To make things worse, our task this week has us all scratching our heads. We’re supposed to find a missing woman who sent her friends a mysterious, foreboding text the night before she vanished. But the woman in question? Well, she’s at home with her family. And she doesn’t even know the women who reported her missing.

Between dating a psychopath, hunting down a phantom missing woman, and teaming up with Wrath, I’ve got my hands completely full.

Finding missing people is hard enough. Finding people who aren’t missing is impossible. But if doubling down on a mystery gets me out of date night with a maniac, I’m all in. So I’ll channel my inner Jessica Fletcher and find this non-missing woman if it’s the last thing I do.

Life’s no beach in Odyssey, and nothing is what it seems. But one thing’s for sure: This will make for great TV.

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