Some Delusions May Apply


What Do You Get When You Mix Astrology and Murder? All Signs Point to a Cosmic Case of Trouble.

Disgraced socialite Temperance Swift is at a crossroads. After narrowly escaping jail for torching her East Coast mansion, Temperance is completing a year-long rehabilitation program in sleepy Haven’s End. But her new guardians are the Greek Furies, and they insist she has untapped abilities that could change her destiny forever – if Temperance could just unlock them. Yeah, right.

Skeptical but dutiful, Temperance agrees to try astrology as her “witchy” calling – and hopefully speed her return to high society. But when a local reporter turns up dead in a high school bathroom, the stars align to place Temperance at the helm of a murder investigation. And she’ll need more than a star chart to lead her to the killer.

Wait until her sorority sisters hear about this.

Joining forces with Simon Savage (a.k.a. Cupid), the Swift & Savage duo follows a constellation of clues leading to crooked institutions and a rollicking scandal. But when their sleuthing brings shocking secrets to light, Temperance and Simon must quickly uncover other hidden truths…or risk learning how far someone might go to keep them in the dark.

This lighthearted cozy mystery features an unforgettable cast of oddball characters and a cunning plot of deception and murder. For readers of witty small-town mysteries, Optimal Delusions serves up a cozy blend of humor, intrigue, and charm.

Book 2 in the Wayward Spirits cozy mystery series.

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