Optimal Delusions


Welcome to Three Sisters Halfway Home for Wayward and Endangered Spirits

Burning her house down was an accident. So how did she end up at a rehab center for supernatural creatures?

Socialite Temperance Swift had it all: wealth, status, and a perfect marriage. But when she discovers a mortifying secret, her life goes up in flames—literally. To avoid an arson charge, Temperance checks into an exclusive rehabilitation center nestled in upstate New York.

But this is no ordinary care facility.

Surrounded by an eccentric cast, including a teenage Oracle, a man claiming to be Cupid, and a therapist with questionable qualifications, Temperance suspects she’s the only sane person on the farm. But when a beloved local woman is murdered and the Oracle warns that more danger is on the horizon, Temperance puts her suspicions aside to investigate a web of fraud, theft, and stolen identity.

Spin class did not prepare her for this.

Partnering with handsome (but probably delusional) Simon, Temperance digs through small-town secrets to unravel a mystery and catch a murderer. She won’t give up until she ferrets out the truth—even if it puts her squarely in harm’s way.

This lighthearted cozy mystery features an unforgettable cast of oddball characters and a cunning plot of deception and murder. For readers of witty small-town mysteries, Optimal Delusions serves up a cozy blend of humor, intrigue, and charm.

Book 1 in the Wayward Spirits cozy mystery series.

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