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Sinister secrets lurk within the temple walls.

Necromancer Kezia Bernard sees her ability as both a blessing and curse. While it’s an honor to connect the African diaspora to their ancestors and heal wounds from the past, her power is overshadowed by a crushing affliction. One that has cost her all she holds dear. Desperate to reunite with her husband and child, her only hope is to find the missing link between her present and an unknown past.

The Temple of the Inner Flame, a high-profile cult, is experiencing strange happenings in their hallowed sanctuary. Called to investigate, Kezia discovers there are far more malicious forces at work than the haunting she expected. But when the case takes a deadly turn, the necromancer comes face-to-face with an ancient evil whose twisted agenda ventures beyond the boundaries of death.

Can Kezia free the temple from its malevolent shroud? Or will the price for her interference be her soul?

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