Sin and Bear It


Who will become America’s Favorite Sin?

“Welcome to Sinful House, a reality TV show where the 7 Deadly Sins live together in the sunny beach town of Odyssey, California, and compete to become America’s Favorite Sin!”

Reality TV? Yeah, that’s total malarkey. There’s nothing real about it! We’re not even the Seven Deadly Sins. We’re seven misfits with extraordinary psychic abilities who solve paranormal mysteries around town, hoping to charm our audience and win their votes.

Well, that part’s real enough. We do solve mysteries. And murders. This town is just full of killers.

For our first task, I teamed up with Lust to investigate cursed fortune cookies at mom-and-pop restaurant Wights and Wongs. It seemed a simple enough task for a ghost whisperer like me.

But then I stumbled onto that dead body. Things took a hard left after that.

It’s not my job to solve this murder. But viewers love a hero, and I want their votes. So I’ll channel my inner Sherlock Holmes and find out how this jinxed cookie crumbles.

Life’s no beach in Odyssey, and nothing is what it seems. But one thing’s for sure: This will make for great TV.

Veronica Mars meets Supernatural meets The Real World in this fun, quirky paranormal mystery adventure.

Book 1 in the Lights, Camera, Mystery series

Hear what our stars say about the show

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