Destiny of the Dead


A malevolent obsession is driving the innocent to their graves.

Necromancer Kezia Bernard is one step closer to curing her affliction, a powerful curse that has kept her apart from ex-husband Marcus and their child. Determined to free herself and her community from the shackles of the past, she’s ready to unleash the magic buried in her DNA. But before she can, she must mend Marcus’s soul before she loses him forever.

While in Chicago to enroll a deteriorating Marcus in a specialized psychiatric program, Kezia investigates a series of child deaths in a nearby town. But when she discovers a terrible link between the victims and necromancy, a conflicted Kezia must face a monstrous realization—the dark corruptions of necromancy may be waiting inside her, too.

Can Kezia free the tortured souls from a reign of madness? Or will the revenge of the tormented cost Kezia her salvation?

Book 3 in the Rest in Power Necromancy trilogy.

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