Ingredients of Magic



Mix one part small-town magic and two parts disaster. Serve hot!

Magical pie baker Gracey Daylittle has everything she needs: her bakery, a quiet life, and no complications. But when a ghostly figure with a hauntingly familiar face disrupts her fragile existence, Graceyโ€™s pastry-crust world crumbles to bits.

Her pies have lost their magic.

On the wrong side of town, transient teenager Miko runs a bathhouse for spirits and delivers blessings to local families. But when the blessings dry up and a creeping chaos consumes the town, Miko suspects a connection between the townโ€™s bad luck, the phantom, and Graceyโ€™s magic pies.

Desperate not to lose the one thing that gives her life meaning, the baker tries everything to regain her magic and banish the phantom, even accepting questionable magical help from Miko. But when her efforts go disastrously wrong, Gracey has no choice but to do the one thing she has avoided for the better part of her life. To destroy the phantom and restore her town, Gracey must discover and embrace the secret ingredients of magic before her personal demons destroy everything she holds dear.

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