Keep Your Sin Up


Early to rise, early to bed makes a girl healthy, wealthy…and dead.

This week on Sinful House, the stakes are higher than ever. Six teenage girls from a local performing arts high school have fallen prey to a mysterious illness that makes them convulse, foam at the mouth, and fall unconscious. Doctors are clueless about why the girls are falling in and out of comas. And nobody can explain the strange butterfly tattoo that’s appeared on their arms.

With the community in an uproar, it’s up to Greed, Lust, and me to learn what’s tormenting these young women and end the cycle before someone succumbs to a sleep she can’t awake from. The task is already daunting enough, but Greed had a disturbing premonition, and now no one involved in this case can be trusted.

Solving a medical mystery is way above my pay grade. But I can’t leave the lives of these young women in fate’s hands, either. So I’ll channel my inner Dr. House to hunt down the right diagnosis and rescue these girls from the brink of death.

Life’s no beach in Odyssey, and nothing is what it seems. But one thing’s for sure: This will make for great TV.

Supernatural meets Veronica Mars meets The Real World in this funny, quirky, paranormal cozy mystery.

Book 5 in the Lights, Camera, Mystery series

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