Lights, Camera, Mystery Books 1-3


Welcome to Sinful House, where psychic abilities and supernatural mysteries take center stage.

Our seven misfits, each embodying a Deadly Sin, find themselves in the idyllic beach town of Odyssey, California. Together, they form an unconventional reality TV team, solving eerie mysteries while vying for the coveted title of America’s Favorite Sin.

In this quirky series, every challenge reveals a hidden truth about Odyssey, a town that may be more than it appears. Paranormal investigations meet reality TV drama in this offbeat adventure, featuring sharp wit, mysterious deaths, and a touch of romance.

Get ready for Veronica Mars meets Supernatural meets The Real World, where solving mysteries isn’t just for showβ€”it’s a matter of survival.

This omnibus collection contains the following 3 books:

Books 1-3Β in the Lights, Camera, Mystery series

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