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A Soul to Take

A grim reaper’s account of meditating a murder.

Raven is a depressed grim reaper, tired of ending lives on Earth and carrying their souls to the Great Beyond. But when he accepts an opportunity to bring new life to a young woman, will the price he must pay be too high to bear?

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New Series Coming 2021

Rest in Power Necromancy

Kezia Bernard reaches out to death. But sometimes, death reaches back.

In this upcoming trilogy, necromancer Kezia Bernard is looking for her ancestors on the Other Side. If she can connect with them and channel their cultural magic to her community, she can finally cure her affliction–a curse that can kill those who spend too much time in her presence. But as she searches to activate the power buried in her DNA, Kezia will square up against charismatic cult leaders, nefarious criminals, and a host of supernatural monsters. But the most nefarious villains are the ones she can’t escape: the demons of her past bearing the weight of an uncertain future.

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Rites of Passage

(Series Prequel)

A mage is torturing Kezia's dying aunt. Problem is, he's not torturing her to death. He's torturing her to life.


Temple of the Inner Flame

(January 2021)

The Temple of the Inner Flame may very well be haunted. But that's not the worst secret buried in its walls.


Dreaming Down the Bones

(February 2021)

An insidious evil has denied Atlanta all its necromancers--save one. Can Kezia return the city's magic before the voracious darkness destroys its final victim?


Destiny of the Dead

(March 2021)

Kezia discovers a monstrous corruption lurking inside necromancy. Can Kezia truly lay tormented souls to rest? Or will their revenge cost Kezia her ultimate salvation?