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Amber Fisher is a closet goth writing paranormal mysteries and science fantasy adventures.

Born and raised in disaster-prone Los Angeles (Hey, it's not the land of floods, riots, fires, and floods for nothing), Amber now lives in Austin. She's the creator of the Rest in Power Necromancy trilogy, a mystery series exploring ancestral magic and our collective need to heal from the past. Most of her work features transformation (death!), empowerment (magic!), discovery (discovery!), and pie.Β 

Amber draws inspiration from her experiences as a Black woman who has dabbled in every magical system known to man. These days, she has a fondness for African diasporic religions and the veneration of her ancestors.

Amber has written for Houghton Mifflin as the lead web writer on the Amanda Project, an interactive, multi-platform YA adventure. She is also the author of a metaphysical non-fiction book published by ECW Press.